Livestream and TV broadcast from the ECPC 2017 image

The official Livestream producer of the EPF, Viva TV from spain, will provide professional commentated Livestream from the ECPC 2017 to 90 nations around the world.

The Danish TV Network "Altibox"in cooperation with Thy-Mors Energi will broadcast the Viva TV signal, 8 days of 10-12 hours intensive powerlifting,  out to 450.000 households in Denmark and possible Norway, to make the ECPC 2017 one of the most profiled european championships ever. Imagine close to 100 hours of direct broadcasted powerlifting on your TV at home, or on your computer..... This could hardly be any better.....

From our hearts, thank you to Altibox TV, Thy-Mors Energi, Viva TV and EPF