Hotel of the ECPC 2017 image

The official ECPC 2017 Hotel is the same as for the 1999 IPF women's worlds and the 2007 IPF world benchpress championships. Since then, Vigsø Feriecenter has got new owners, and the facilities have undergone a major renovation leaving the houses all up to date. 




Restaurant  Vigsø



The restaurant offers breakfast from 6.00 to 10..00 every day during the championships.

Price: Dkr. 89,- per day.

Breakfast includes: White bread, rye bread, butter, 2 kinds of jam, 2 kinds of sliced cold meat, rolled oats, fromage frais with various accompaniments, 1/4 liter of milk or 1/4 liter of juice and coffee and tea. - Scrambled eggs and sausages will be provided for you..

You will be provided with breakfast tickets.

If you have further wishes, contact the restaurant.

Your registration for breakfast must be received not later than 21 days before the beginnning of the championships.

The restaurant will function as a cafeteria during the European classic championships.


Every day the restaurant sells Take Away Food between 12.00 and 14.00 hours.

“Vigsø Burger” with French fries and a large selection of pizzas. French hotdogs can be bought all day long at the price of Dkr. 25,-.


Furthermore you can buy a lunch buffet (cafeteria).


The lunch buffet will for example be a warm meal such as pasta, salade, lasagne according to what the kitchen decides – you get what you pay for. The meal will be served to you. If you want to buy sandwiches, talk to the restaurant. You can buy milk, mineral water, fizzy drinks and beer.,



We offer two courses every day. The restaurant/cafeteria serves the food. Considerations will lbe taken concerning different creeds. Every day you will be served potatoes, pasta and rice together with sauces and salade.

The restaurant will be open every day, but will function as a cafeteria. We ask you kindly to clear the table yourselves after finishing your meal.



Wednesday 15th March at 20.00 hours (subjuniors(juniors)

There will be 2 courses at the price of  Dkr 265 (35 Euros) per person. Further drinks can be bought.

The banquet will be held in the restaurant.

After the banquet we offer Caribbian Nigh in the water park/swimming pool where you can buy beers, fizzy drinks and specially selected drinks together with shots and French hotdogs. The water park will close at 02.00 hours.

If there is sufficient interest in this arrangement, we shall see to it that there will be music and fairy lights, the water park.

We hope that enogh people will register their participation in this arrangement in order that we can organize this event.



There will be a new banquet on Sunday the 19th March at 20.00 for the open classes organized in the same manner as described above.